Flowers: Silk vs Real

Flowers: Silk vs Real

There’s no debate that this question pops up during most wedding planning conversations. Traditionally, real flowers have always been the most common, however, with changing times and better work on silk or fake flowers; these have now found their place in the wedding industry. Despite the rise of silk flowers nonetheless, floral businesses are not going out of business for a reason. Let’s explore the different reasons to choose any of these two options.

Silk or Fake Flowers

They are very practical, simple. When using silk flowers, the bouquets are often much lighter than real flowers. They’re easier for transportation also as you don’t have to worry about the blooms falling out. Silk flowers are long-lasting, giving you more options on what you can do with them in the long run. Remember, the weather conditions do not affect your flowers in any way, warm or cold weather, the silk flowers keep their shape regardless.  It also goes without saying, you don’t have to worry about watering them. You can celebrate your 5th, 10th, 20th, and 25th anniversary with the same flowers if you wanted. At most, not always, but at most, these are often cheaper than real flowers.

Real Flowers

Well, they are real, simple. Someone once said, “a traditional wedding doesn’t have to look like one, it is one”. That’s what real flowers bring to your wedding, authenticity throughout. Some people prefer the heavier bouquets because the weight signifies authenticity. Real flowers bring the original scent, the breathtaking appearance. Although the blooms can fall off here and there, these blooms are beautiful nonetheless, and they answer the question itself; are they using real flowers? Despite the growing request for silk flowers, floral business is not slowing down by any means. People still generally value the real flowers, there’s pleasure still in the actual upkeeping. There’s pleasure in the scent of the natural, in the beauty that’s proving impossible to recreate.

If you choose silk flowers, it’s important to note also, you can get them scented. This is important as it’s one of the reasons why most people choose real flowers; the scent. Just remember, the more you get closer to the real flower in the look and scent, the more you’re paying. So if your goal was to save money, this could get tricky. With real flowers, there’s more upkeep, more cautious touch needed; but at the same time, the final look of real flowers is breathtaking. But hey, remember, some people nowadays go for both. The real flowers blended with silk flowers on the inside, it’s a win-win.

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