Charger Plates

Charger Plates

Are you getting married, planning an event, or just interested in understanding the Event Planning business? Are you contemplating on what to include in your party, and what not to spend your money on? Thanks for joining me, let’s talk Charger Plates.

As an event planner, you ought to be aware of the various ideas, ambiance, and trends that come with each season. An event planner should take the time to hear how their clients would love their event to look like. It’s imperative that you let the client paint the big picture, but then it’s your job as an event planner to bring all the small details to paint this big picture, to achieve the vision of the client; and charger plates are part of the small details needed.

Charger plates are to an event, what rims are to a car. The right size rims on the right car can leave every onlooker in awe. All event planners want to be remembered by this amount of ‘awe’. Pay attention to the water glasses, cutlery, votive candles, but ultimately, pay bigger attention to the table layout game-changer, the Charger Plate. The table layout and décor has to be inviting, comforting, and inspiring. When the full layout is done, charger plates will define the full look.

As the goal is to achieve a client’s bigger picture, first understand the theme and design; then you have an easier decision in regards to the charger plate. You can use charger plates to enhance your table décor or to just use them as a table filler; it all depends on the vision you’re working to accomplish. Charger plates can range from gold, glassware, to the unexpected pastels. Be creative, be stylish, but never underestimate simplicity.

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