The Team

Our team is equipped with individuals who have vast experience within event planning.


Kuda has been in event planning for over 10 years. His passion for events began while he was in college in the United States. As a DJ and party planner, Kuda was always passionate about bringing people together and celebrating successes and milestones in life.

Kuda was born in Africa but grew up in London, England. He completed his bachelor’s degree in the United States. He found passion in DJ’n through his ability to connect with people from different backgrounds. Being a British of African descent, with a cultural influence of America, allowed Kuda to seamlessly bring people together from different regions through music. According to Kuda, “I’m proud to continue helping people celebrate milestones and successes in life via Greater Events & Ent.”



Rutendo is one of the creative directors of the organization, but her specialty is Event Coordination. She has been actively involved in the industry for over 5 years. Her zeal for perfection, along with her amazing leadership skills, makes her an amazing Event Coordinator.

Rutendo’s passion is simply to make people’s dreams become a reality. She finds joy in the finished product of the event and thrives in the heat and chaos of putting all the pieces together. We are talking, from consults and laying down the perfect foundation for someone’s special day, all the way to execution. Rutendo is a people’s person with great social skills. She’s recorded saying, “I love what I do because it’s an opportunity to meet and work with new and exciting people”. She continued to say that, “my skill set enabled me to take time to know our clients, understand their passion and vision for their event WHILE WORKING with them through every good and challenging step”.


Rufaro joins the team as one of the creative directors, coming with a wealth of experience from the last 5 years in the event management sector. On her passion in event planning and design, she states, “It’s like having a blank canvas and having an opportunity to create something new and special. Bringing to life those intricate details to your event that you will not only love but your guests will forever talk about.”

Rufaro describes herself as a socialite at heart. She enjoys working with people and bringing their ideas into motion. “With Greater Events, I get the pleasure of merging all my qualities into one sophisticated attribute which ties quite well with the rest of the team.”



Ruvy has been actively involved in the events business for over 4 years. She loves being involved in events because, “we have the chance to bring people together to celebrate and have a great time, creating memories and connections”. She loves being creative and bringing visions and ideas to life. According to Ruvy, “It’s a great feeling to know that you helped create an experience that clients will remember forever”. Ruvy has passion in helping bringing ideas to life for events mostly designed for young people and corporate events. She loves the more creative ideas of working with children, as well as the classy presentation of a corporate event.

Creativity is a big part of Ruvy’s passion in event planning and organizing. She says that, “It’s amazing how we can take a blank canvas, paint the picture and bring it to life, making a forever- lasting memory”. She likes to treat each event differently because of the uniqueness that each client brings to the table. She has said, “I love what I do and having the opportunity to work with different clients, with different ideas and imaginations poses a challenge that I will continue to take on, one event at a time”.