5 Reasons to choose Professional DJs

5 Reasons to choose Professional DJs

1) Sound quality
Sound quality is determined by two things; quality of the song, and the sound system. Firstly, let’s talk about the songs. Working with a professional DJ means you’re working with someone who buys the songs from platforms like iTunes etc. This means that there’s an equal sound balance between all the songs. This is different from someone who downloads songs from illegal platforms, where the song downloaded could be of below-par quality. This is more so frustrating when the dancefloor is packed and the songs are imbalanced. The crowd can tell, and in turn, could damage the reputation of the event. 

Secondly, sound quality is affected by the sound system; the PA, the speakers. When you’re working with professional DJs, they are often using their own speakers. Well equipped DJs have speakers suited for a crowd of 300 guests at ease. You may not be aware of the different sound systems, but by using a professional DJ, you should know that they are coming from an experience of playing for large crowds. Some speakers used today that are functional, lightweight, but powerful are: Harbinger MLS900 and Bose L1 Model II. Although the price difference is quite significant, nonetheless; they’re both great quality sound systems.

DJs at Greater Events & Ent use both, including other sound systems for larger events. Do not rob yourself of the sound quality, use seasoned and proven DJs.

2) Songs are legally purchased 

Well, this ties in with the first point. But you want to use a DJ who purchased music legally because, first and foremost, it gives you better quality sound. However, it’s also important to work with honorable service providers. To be a DJ is to be appreciative of the music and the artists. In a world full of piracy, it’s important to support DJs who support the musicians earning an honest living. This area is about morals and supporting each other. When you do work with such DJs though, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will get an honest service, with no hidden self benefits. Choose wisely, do your research, and you’ll see that hardworking honest DJ are out there.

3) Accountability

Let’s face it, for your event, you need to offload some responsibilities. Individuals who work with close friends or family members for their music, they tend to constantly worry about the outcome. Whether it be the right music, the right speakers, the equipment, etc. Working with a professionally designated DJ means that you don’t have to worry anymore. DJs bring their own equipment, sound system, have a large collection of music, and most importantly, this is all they have to worry about. You can hold them accountable for this. You have one less concern off your plate. 

4) Variety in music

Some of the top DJs out there have mastered one or two genres of music, and they’re really good at it. There’s nothing wrong with this, as a matter of fact, most DJs have their own preferred genre of music. Though this remains the same, when you book your DJs with a company like Greater Events & Ent; they will do a consultation with you and connect you with the DJ that most suits your taste in music. Because of the variety of cultures in the Lower Mainland and in Vancouver, DJs at Greater Events & Ent are from such different backgrounds so that a client can be matched with the appropriate DJ, whether it’s for Latin music, Afro-Caribbean, Bhangra, pop, etc. Basically, the variety could be in a DJ, but at Greater Events & Ent, the company offers the variety in DJs.

5) Professional appearance

When you hire professional DJs, you are often guaranteed to have a DJ Booth that looks immaculate. It can help complement your decor, and hence why choosing Greater Events & Ent for all services is essential. The DJ booth will be set up to meet the design and colors for your decor. It’s also important to note that professional DJs come dressed as such, professionally. Because professional DJs are often representing a company, they tend to behave responsibly as they are answerable to their managers.

Bonus: add on services

Most DJ Services offer add ons like emcee and photo-booth; make sure to request the availability of such to make your event more enjoyable. These add ons are not essential by any means, but they can help bring your event to life. Most emcees and DJs come together and they often work well as a team. A photo-booth is a lot of fun, it comes with props and it makes your event that much more memorable. At Greater Events & Ent, these non-essential services also include a limbo dancer and opening dancers. Limbo dancer brings a different sort of entertainment to your event. Crowds love this service because it’s a lot of fun, enjoyable, and it’s rare.

The opening dancers offered by Greater Events & Ent include 3 males and 3 females. They lead the wedding party in with the fun and synchronized dance moves. Also, they help open the dance floor and lead a crowd to a much more enjoyable night. Again, these are booked with the DJs because it’s their collaboration that allows for such services to be successful.

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